My name is Mallory, and I’m so happy you have stumbled upon my cozy corner of this world!


  • Somewhere along the way of my life I recognized my desperate need for a Savior, and ever since then Christ has become my driving force, my hope and my song. He has given me everything worth having in this life. Bottom line is, I’d rather have Jesus.
  • I will have earned my degree in Corporate Communication at West Texas A&M University come May. I like to think the things I’ve learned along the way can be applied to pretty much every career field that there is. After all, communication is key.
  • Adventure is my drug. I crave it almost as much as I crave cherry donuts and Cajun Chicken Pasta.
  • I’m one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet, and I’m not proud of it.
  • My idea of a day well spent includes time spent in the word, a cold glass of white wine, being with the ones I love, a good book, serving someone in my community, a nap under a heated blanket, laughing until my stomach hurts, trying something new, going on a run, eating something delicious and a hot bubble bath.
    • I have a love/hate relationship with Vanilla Cream Dr.Pepper from Sonic.
    • I am full of passion, and I strive to always use that trait for good.
    • I believe deeply in the act of adoption, and look forward to the day my husband and I are able to adopt.
    • If I could have anything at all right this moment, I’d be living in Africa serving in an orphanage.
    • Movie marathons are my favorite.
    • Photography is my escape from a hardened and pessimistic world. Documenting the beauty in this life is essential for my creative spirit.
    • I married my college sweetheart, and it was easily the second best decision I’ve ever made. We’re complete opposites, and I love learning from and being led by him. He’s the best.
    • Most days, I prefer dogs over humans.
    • Give me chocolate, and I’ll be your best friend.
    • People that know me well, know that I’m a total weirdo. People that don’t know me well, probably assume otherwise.
    • I crave community. There is nothing sweeter to me than a room full of people doing life together.
    • International missions are my heart beat.
    • I love what I do, and feel blessed to do it. However, there are so many other adventures I want to have as well, big and small. I dream about traveling the world with my husband, being the mother of a huge family, spending a portion of my life in Africa, chopping down my own Christmas tree, running a half marathon, swimming with manatees, owning and breeding golden retrievers, backpacking Europe, serving as a long term missionary internationally, road tripping through Canada and the USA,  growing a garden, living in the mountains and owning my own bakery. My life is full of blessings and dreams, and I really couldn’t ask for much more.